Pep Talks For Moms: how the stuff of motherhood can be transformative

Moms don't have a lot of time. In fact, they might only have two minutes alone in the bathroom while little Jamie pounds on the door, crying, "Alex hit me!" As such, this book is for moms who need a truckload of encouragement in a very short amount of time.

We may not have the space in our lives to finish that parenting book or get a degree in child psychology, but we don't have to in order to be good moms. This book is filled with pep talks, poems, lessons, and stories to remind mothers what the Lord offers us and how to use God's gifts in the day-to-day grind. Read it whenever you're discouraged or disheartened and have a minute to catch your breath.

I pray it turns your eyes again and again to the only one who gives us the power to be great moms. Make no mistake. God meant you to be able to do this!

"Moms are my heroes. In this book, Abigail helps us give our kids the best gift: an attentive full heart."

--Jan Johnson, author of Growing Compassionate Kids.

"These are the feelings, struggles, and questions that we all deal with as moms but often are afraid to admit because we think we're the only ones. Abigail's refreshing, often humorous, Pep Talks take you on a gentle yet profound journey to the feet of Jesus.:

--Heidi Garside, homeschooling mom of seven

"Abigail's reflections on motherhood are beautifully communicated and full of deep insight and honesty.

She tackles the daily joys and concerns that all mothers experience while pointing us directly toward the empowering rest that is found in intimacy with Christ."

--Heidi Dehart, children's pastor at Glory of Zion Intl. Ministries.

"This book feels like a chat with an encouraging friend who really understands you. Abigail asks deeply considered questions, steering clear of well-worn mothering platitudes. I found myself eager to read each entry, wondering what novel insights I'd benefit from next."

--Dianne Fillmore, Spiritual Director

--Abigail J. Stevens

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