Phenomenal Vision Eyesight to Life Sight

Vision—what is it? Vision is a physical, mental, and spiritual phenomena of enlightenment. Phenomenal Vision: Eyesight to Life Sight is an intriguing exploration of Rev. Dr. Leonidas A. Johnson’s pioneering insight into the relationship between eyesight and the various ways we view and process information in life. The aim of this book is not only to help teach how to process information about our world that encompasses a biblical worldview but also to help develop a biblically sound decision-making strategy. According to him, “next to life itself, God’s most precious gift is sight—the window to this thing called life.” Poor life sight is a preventable tragedy. Why view life through a dirty or fogged-up window? Poor life sight is correctable. Dr. Leonidas has spent a lifetime helping people to see. In these last days, he has written this book to help you to see. To live a phenomenal life, you must have phenomenal vision. To have phenomenal vision you must have phenomenal life sight. How is your eyesight and more importantly how is your life sight? For an answer read this book, it’s key!

-- Rev. Dr. Leonidas A. Johnson, Optometrist

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