Pocket Guide to Increase Your Personal and Organizational Value

To help individuals, businesses, and organizations. Being a good employee and providing excellent customer service will help you increase your value to your organization and help increase your income. This guide is designed to help you increase your value as an employee and become excellent at customer service. It provides you with common sense and practical ideas in an easy-to-read and straightforward format. Many small businesses do not have enough time to devote to the basic training of their staff in customer service and employee development. This guide can help grow organizations without having to devote a lot of management time. It can be used by individuals to improve themselves and/or it can be used by employers to help improve individual performance. Because of the outline format, it can be used to facilitate discussions at team meetings or be used as a training tool to deal with specific issues. We all experience poor customer service on a regular basis and work with, or have worked with, negative and unpleasant coworkers. The author hopes this guide will help improve customer service, improve employee attitudes, and increase individual performance and individual income. Best wishes for your success.

--Thomas C. Pinnow

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