Poems by Bonnie and Gladys

Bonnie loved her students and, as a child, tried to teach her young brother how to read. From early days Bonnie was a student and got very good marks in school and was valedictorian of the senior class at Beaverton Agricultural School in 1946. (I was the salutatorian that same year.) She got a scholarship for her first year at Central Michigan College then worked in a State of Michigan Corrections Department for a year then back to Central for the rest of her college days. With her college diploma in hand she went to The Dow Chemical Company in Midland, Michigan and got a stenographic job in the Metallurgical Department. She remained there until early 1954 when our first child, a daughter, was born. Going forward a few years to 1967 she began teaching 5th grade at Beaverton and also took classes for her master’s degree at Central and attained an MA in elementary education. She taught until 1992 then retired. In the fall of 1992, she asked Jim to take her to see the school where she had taught then said, “I wish I hadn’t asked you to bring me back here. I’ll miss the teaching!”

Another aspect of her life was music. She took piano lessons from her to-be late husband while she was in high school and after we married, we sang duets in a local church. She also recorded the story “The Littlest Angel” for her family to enjoy over the years.

--James Tolly