Poems From the Vine

Herein lies a collection of my heart, soul, and mind being melded, pressed, and pursued to flow straight into the heart of my Father. This collection of poems was written throughout the early years of my walk. All of which give a personal glimpse into the struggles and triumphs of navigating the narrow way through a continual process of breaking down and building up. None of which were made to be simply read, as to savor an afterthought, but all were made to behold then walk out and walk through from glory to glory. Most of these poems are bare and unedited to portray the beauty of the moment with God that envelopes them--whether that be through reflection of history, a burning question, a simple thought, or a friendship from long ago. All of which He brings and He takes for His namesake. So let it be said: we can do nothing without Him.

--Janie Camplese

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