Raphael: The Kaiyo Stories Book 11

The veil to Eden is ever so slightly lifted. Its vast waters and endless lands full of life are briefly seen by a young man who went where he wasn't supposed to go. The gates to Eden are guarded by terrifying creatures, and the penalty for trespassing is death. The young man is lost and trapped in the dreary pathway between worlds.

Kaiyo, a two-and-a-half-year-old grizzly, and his human family are asked to find a hiker who entered the Montana wilderness and didn't come back. What started as a routine search changes when the McLeods realize they are being followed. The evil one wants the hiker, but Kaiyo and his family get to him first. Bitter enemies are made, captives defect, and battles are fought in the ancient war between unseen nations.

--Cliff Cochran