The reason I write is out of love for the beloved of God. That includes every living being on this Earth.

We are all called of God to fulfill a purpose in this life that only we ourselves can fulfill. We are all unique.

For many of us, we were derailed by unseen forces of darkness that were perpetrated by Satan.

He literally comes to steal, kill, and destroy anyone or anything that is of God.

Satan studies and watches our every move seeking an opportunity to taint our armor. He wants to pollute the vessel of God for which you are. He uses the weak people of this life to do his bidding---

Those given to foreign substances such as drugs, alcohol, money, and not to mention the unruly desires of the flesh.

The purpose of my book, titled Redemption, is for the soul purpose of bringing people back to what is right, noble, honest, and upright in the glorious name of Jesus Christ.

This is to prepare my brothers and sisters for the new war they are already encountering. So they may no longer be lost but surely found, in the spiritual. No longer blind but truly seeing, I want to help them to see the spiritual batter that besets thee.

The poems that are written have been manifested to me by the Holy Spirit himself by way of visitation by way of a vision, which I will surely share with you in an upcoming book which I will surely call the The Visitation.

Sincerely, Eugene Carter

--Eugene Carter