Reflections of Humanity: A tapestry of perceptions

This collection will take on different meanings at different points in time. Many of the key themes have multiple messages. This is also the case in many interpretations of the vocabulary. Everyone has an individual perception of what truth is. These works are representative of this writer's understanding of that entity.It is my hope that this collection will inspire the realization within each reader that the true wisdom in life is one's ability to believe in oneself. Thus, will it become possible to accept responsibility for our own actions? Once this end is accomplished, we can, each in his own right, make beneficial changes. Many have had this same dream since the dawn of time. It is this writer's most ardent hope that this work will find acceptance within the heart of each reader. A further hope is that these perceptions will serve as an inspiration to each to establish a positive sense of self and a more cohesive view of the people around you.Try to set gender aside in these works. Wherever possible, substitute people and situations within your own life and the lives of the loved ones around you.

--Gary LaCarrubba

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