Regarding JoyAnna Marie

JoyAnna didn't have a perfect life growing up. She's a survivor of the unspeakable horror that happened to her as a child. Her first husband was an abusive drunkard, who constantly cheated on her. She trusted no one. JoyAnna felt like giving up. She wanted to end her life. She felt as though she was worthless. After having the strength and courage to leave, she found her way back to God.After giving her life back to God, she met Mark. JoyAnna's life had been pretty close to perfect since she married Mark. She had everything going for her--an almost-perfect husband, great kids, and a job she loved. As a world-renowned evangelist and missionary, many people knew who she was. She was well loved.She knew this new mission trip would lead to danger, but no one believed her. Her best friend, Elizabeth, thought she was being ridiculous. JoyAnna wanted to stay home, but she knew she must go. Then in an instant, JoyAnna's life was turned upside down.JoyAnna lost sight of who she was and of even who God was. With everything that had happened that one tragic night, she had lost her identity. She must now figure out how to love and find the true meaning of forgiveness again in order to heal.JoyAnna was angry, lost, and confused. But God--

--Rhonda Cross

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