Remove All Doubts

Entering into God's rest is simply amazing because we are definitely entering into the knowledge and love of God. We should have faith in his purpose and in his plan. Rest from doubt, fear, apprehension, and danger as well as the religious turmoil of the world. Saints, when we leave this life, there is a possibility that we will enter into paradise a state of rest, a state of peace where we shall rest from all of our troubles, cares, and sorrows. From the book of Hebrew 4:16, "Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace that we may obtain mercy and find Grace to help in times of need." Now this may appear to be sadly stated, but I must say there are times we just might have a hardened heart and a contrite spirit. And because of that we cannot endure God presence. So, doing this journey, there's a choice to be made because of our action. The Lord, in his wrath and his anger, will kindle against all of us. So, while we're in the wilderness, which rest will you choose as the fullness of his glory?

Our relationship with God should be very clear. We know who we are and to whom we belong. God loves us. He gives us provision, strength, enthusiasm, and joy. If and when we are chasened by God-best believe we will be one day-we will find ourselves in a state of confusion. Then what should we do? Find a prayer closet, go to a secret place, and spend time with the savior in prayer. There, the Holy Spirit will teach and guide you. So when the still small voice speaks, just listen and yield to the promptings.

Know that God is there. Wherever you are, God is there.

--Vivian Lenoard-Frost