Rescue Us Wisdom: Giants Do Fall: Primer Version

There was a famous court case three thousand years ago. Two women claimed to be an infant's mother. Who is the real mom? Who is the liar? How King Solomon discerned the real mom from the other woman amazed the subjects of his kingdom. They then understood the hand of God was upon him to discern truth. King Solomon had a famous dad. David defeated the Goliath of his time in a one-on-one battle with the giant. David was a mere shepherd boy at the time. However, by faith, he decreed the Lord would go before him and give him victory. After, he became a leader in Israel's Army. His fame grew. Then David became a mighty king. He reigned forty years before his son Solomon received the throne after him.

Generations later someone greater arose from their lineage. King Jesus came to proclaim good news. He opened the gate of Heaven. By the Lord's power, he did amazing things. There are giants of our time. Good versus evil is in an epic battle. The wisdom of King Solomon and King Jesus are speaking into this age. Wisdom discerns truth. Lies are exposed. Be prospered by the Lord's wisdom found in this book. This primer version of the original book is in large font, making it an easier read for our oldest Americans. Wisdom is here to rescue us. Confusion in America is being cleared up. Then decisions become accept or reject wisdom. America is being rebirthed. Giants do fall. Glory to you, O Lord.

--Timothy D. Richard

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