Restoration: A Story of Restoration from Desperation

The theme of this book is about restoration. It tells my personal life story of restoration and how I developed a successful career restoring properties at the same time. It is a parallel experience. It all started with my personal commitment to Christ. As he began to restore me from a life of desperation, I was restoring an old barn to make a house for me to live, out of necessity. I learned that the principles are the same. You have to remove all the unusable material in a structure in order to replace them with good materials so your building will be solid and will last. It is the same with your life: you have to remove all the old habits and thoughts that keep you from being a whole and successful person. It has been an incredible journey for the last thirty-six years to see the plans that God had for my life. That is what restoration is all about. When you surrender your will to him, he can then take you where he planned for you to go all along. He couldn't do it as long as you were in control. I did it my way for thirty-three years, and it ended in desperation. I have done it his way for thirty-six, and his ways are best. I have accomplished more than I ever dreamed of, and we are nowhere near finished. In the book, I share with you the twelve life-skill principles I learned from the scripture, and as I applied all of them, I experienced the results that they promised. I want to share these principles with you, and I know that they will help you as they did me, for God is no respecter of persons. The key is you have to apply them, not just know them. The old barn would have never been converted into a house if I had refused to do the work.

--Jim Draper

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