Restore My Spirit, O God: Inspiration for Regaining What's Been Lost

Restore My Spirit, O God""Inspiration for Regaining What's Been Lost is much more than a daily devotional""this is your spiritual handbook, your spiritual guide""to be used alongside your Bible to reconnect your severed and lost spirit with God's Spirit and to stay connected and become spiritually mature, active, and vibrant. Written in an easy-to-use daily devotional format, this spiritual handbook and guide contains the essential tools required for you to become spiritually wise and mature in God's eyes. All the essentials are here"" prayer; spiritual warfare; worship; discovering and utilizing your spiritual gifts; the spiritual disciplines to keep you in tune with God's Spirit; the indwelling and empowering Holy Spirit; knowing God through His attributes and character; knowing God through His powerful names; knowing Christ through the Cross; knowing Scripture, truth, and true spirituality; the importance of love, purpose, faith, hope, and trust; standing _ rm with patience and perseverance, in attitude and character, and refusing to fail; with service, leadership, and spiritual principles that are timeless""yes, all that and more is waiting for you inside. Let your spiritual journey begin""you can start anywhere, just start today!

I hope and pray that you will enjoy and engage in the format of this devotional, as I've used timeless quotations for the human witness and Scripture as God's witness to the truth, and may my commentary guide and direct your thoughts and be an inspiration. Zechariah 4:6b says, "'Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,' says the Lord Almighty." It's time to open the pages""

God's waiting to meet you inside.

--Jeffery J Horacek, O.D.

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