revelations: Unraveling Biblical Mysteries

The Bible is the primary way God talks to us. It is usually easy to understand. However, there are several sections that are confusing, perplexing, and even appear contradictoryaEUR"in short, mysterious. Most notable are the following:

aEURC/ Who Jesus is and what did He look like

aEURC/ God abandoning Jesus on the Cross

aEURC/ Four Different Resurrection Accounts

aEURC/ How a Global Flood Happened

aEURC/ The Purpose of Life

aEURC/ When a Human Body Dies

aEURC/ Eternal Life and Its Location

aEURC/ The Preflood Society and Their Technology

aEURC/ Evidence throwing Light on UFOs

aEURC/ GodaEUR(tm)s Love for Humanity

aEURC/ The Way to Stop Sinning

aEURC/ Time and the Age of Earth

This book (revelations) solves these puzzles by using inductive logic to untangle the apparent mysteries and provide easy-to-understand explanations.

--Larry Massa

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