Sadie's Journey: The Angry Monster

Sadie is a sweet and kind little girl, but she has a problem. Deep inside of her, lives an angry monster who always seems to get her in trouble. Sadie’s mom tells her this monster gives her great power, but she has to learn how to use that power for good. When Sadie is taken to a magical world, she embarks upon a great quest. Together with her pony, puppy, a rabbit, stag and a little blue bird, they must rescue the King’s commanding officer and help him find his way. On this great quest, Sadie finds that her angry monster is a more important part of her than she ever imagined. With the help of a magical dagger to light the way, the little group must escape the enemy and get back to safety, but this is no easy task. The little group must learn to stick together and who to trust in order to survive. The enemy lurks around every corner and is ready to take advantage of each opportunity to destroy Sadie and those traveling with her. Will Sadie and her friends make it through? Will she ever get home to her mommy?

Suggested Age Group: 6-10 years

--Charissa Enns

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