Sailing into Salvation

Ronald Barratt, after graduating from college, wanted to serve his country. On a dark night in 1993, his world was changed forever and set him on a path of self-destruction, anger, and resentment. PTSD is real and has the potential to ruin lives without help. Over the course of the next twenty-five years, Ronald dealt with setback after setback. Divorce, alcohol abuse, homelessness, and bitterness.

Over the course of the years, Ronald lived in despair. He abused his body and faced a challenge; he most certainly would need the love and guidance of our Lord, Jesus Christ. With no hope for the future, Ronald noticed what had never been seen before; the Lord was calling to him. He hit his knees and surrendered to the Lord. The harrowing next eighteen months challenged his faith and resolve. How much did he want to live? Ronald went to the absolute extremes physically and mentally to survive. He could not do this without the love and miracle provided by Jesus.

After his time of torment, he was granted his miracle. This is a story of courage and determination and absolute faith in Jesus Christ. Through suffering, Ronald realized the grace of God.

--Ronald Barratt

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