Seeking My Daughter Faith: Parables From the Forgotten

"My soul cannot find rest on any other path."

My name is John Goodwill, and, with grandson Frank, this is the story of our cross-country trip to find my daughter, Faith. Forty-five years ago, I ran away from the pain of her mental illness and live with a secret, broken heart. Faith just turned sixty years old, and I wonder absolutely everything about her.

As a fun surprise, Frank and I meet curious characters who share raw truths, helping tear down my walls of denial and shame.

"This homeless artist is like shattered pieces of glass from a broken goblet" (Just Bob).

"She didn't know what was happening to her son. Mom always believed I could learn to live with who I am" (Sea Wind and Gang).

"God works in mysterious ways. We are sent a helper, support in most unlikely packages. This one comes with short, frizzy orange hair and a nose ring. What else could I need?" (Josie).

"The cure is a shot in the eye? Not for me! Get my pants, Frank, we are out of here" (Grandfather).

"We get to a crossroad. We can give our dreams one final push. Then we know deep inside we are finished" (Nurse Hatchett).

"Judgment? To some, I look more like a cartoon character than a servant of God, yet I carry the Lord's spirit, just like you" (Chaplain Charlie).

Our lives, if you could go back and choose one moment in time to do differently, would you? When the storm is calmed, what is left in your clear reflection upon the still waters now?

Seeking My Daughter Faith: Parables from The Forgotten details spiritual adventures of the forgotten among us and stories of God's mercy, forgiveness, and love.

When you see an RV going down the road, think of me, reflect on all of us. As long as we breathe, there are chances for do-overs with the ones we love and with ourselves.

--Debra Marie DeLash