Serenity's Promise

Death we must endure, but what happens afterward? Mary O'Neil says she knows what transpires afterlife...and can prove it.Serenity's senior year had gone from collections of memories to recollections of regret. The end could not come fast enough for her.Trevor felt life had given him a raw deal. He intended on cramming as many years' worth of life as he could in the very possible short time he had left.In 1968, Serenity Marolis, a young woman just out of high school, struggled to survive after plunging into the ferocious waters of Niagara Falls. While she was fighting for her life, she found herself in the realm between life and death and was sent on a journey through history by an angelic being. As Serenity made her way toward her eternal destination, she hoped to find her friend waiting on the other side.Sixteen-year-old Trevor Wyatt did not believe in eternity or that if there was a God, He would allow a person to suffer with the heart condition Trevor had had to live with. In 2018, Trevor met Mary O'Neil, who told of Serenity's plight. He considered the story a fictional tale designed to convert him to Christ and was not persuaded. The stories were suddenly entwined, but would it change his mind?

--Peter Speciale

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