seventy times seven

Embark on this journey through the territory of Minnesotato 1856, Duluth, with Emma Withers, an eighteen-year-oldorphan who decides that the Lord wants her to move on fromlife as she's known it. She had been blessed with parents whotaught her about the Bible and seems to have a good grip onlife, but there's so much more to learn about herself and thosearound her and the effects that forgiveness has had in their lives.

Watch her grow as she interacts with the O'Connors familyand especially the ideal young Mr. O'Connors, who would beso much more than a friend to her, should she choose to accepthim. But something is holding her back from developing anydeeper connection; and just maybe, it's the fact that the Lord hasa bigger mission in mind for her that only Francois Belcourt, aFrench-Ojibwe outcast and rebel, can help her to fulfill.

In the end, will the unlikely duo together overcome danger andforbid, in Jesus's name, the demons of resentment? Or will theyfail to forgive and cause those close to them to fall away into thehands of a just God and eternal punishment?

--A.P. Sheim

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