Sir Jeanine: Absolution or Death

"Death was already upon me, though I still breathed. I quickly had decided to give what was left of me, of my soul, to God hoping to find absolution in his eyes, hoping and praying. I was wrong...that he had not yet forsaken me...that he still loved me. So I forged a plan, a wonderful, delightfully devilish, life-altering plan. I would show them all."

Jeanine found herself torn between her own happiness and her family duty. When she is informed she is to be promised in marriage to a despicable human being, she cannot bring herself to go on. Believing her life over anyway, she changes her appearance, disguising herself as a young man, and sets out with the crusaders on the adventure of her young life. Along the way, she will discover her own strength, her own purpose, her own path, and, most importantly, her own faith. This is the journey for Sir Jeanine""absolution or death.

--Jo Bullock