Sneaky The Hairy Mountain Monster: A Christmas Holiday

Sneaky, the Hairy Mountain Monster: A Christmas Holiday is about a little girl named Makayla Jean and her favorite cousin, Blake James. They are going to spend the Christmas holiday at Makayla's great-grandparents' home up north. It is the first time Makayla sees snow-and the first time she sees Sneaky, the Hairy Mountain Monster. Blake is eager to show Makayla around the house and all his favorite places to play. They have fun making snow angels and playing in the snow. Blake tells Makayla all about Sneaky. Blake says, "I can show you where he lives. You want me to take you there?" Makayla says no. What they don't know is, there is the three-eyed hairy mountain monster watching them play and is imitating them from the woods.

--Norma Fleagane