Soapy: Enlightening Tale of My Life

This is the author's life story. He wrote it at the request of his children and grandchildren. It begins with the day he was born, goes into great detail as to what life was like growing up in Indiana during the 40's, 50's, 60's and ends with celebrating his 80th birthday with family and friends. The sole purpose was to document what his life was like and to leave something behind for everyone to understand his thoughts, feelings, experiences and incredible accomplishments. This book could be used as a guide to motivate and encourage others to write their autobiography.

"This book will forever be a family treasure. Keeping these stories alive in Soapy is such a unique and special way for Grandpa to share them with future generations." --Michelle"

Life has thrown my Father more than his fair share of curveballs; but he always bounced back with renewed purpose, enthusiasm, and strength. His story highlights this along with his love and devotion to family." --Angi

"I especially like Grandpa's story of how he got his nickname." --Matt

"I learned a lot about my friend reading Soapy and it inspired my Father-in-Law to write his autobiography." --Joe

"Reading my brother's book has brought back so many wonderful memories of growing up together." --Vicki

--Don Harreld

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