Stay the Course...: Win Your Race

Brian R. Webster is a physician assistant, who has pursued God most of his adult life. He lost his two best friends in high school, due to an amusement park ride accident. He came close to dying, as well. He’s practiced medicine in various specialties, Substance Abuse, and in maximum security prisons.

His first wife, a severe diabetic, went blind on their honeymoon. Later, she died from two separate breast cancers after almost twenty years of marriage. Amidst the struggles and adversities in Brian’s life, he has continued trusting and pursuing God.

As Paul said in the analogy of his life, “I have fought the good fight, and have finished my race.”

Christians, who are followers of Christ, have their own race to run. It is a marathon, not a sprint. The race only ends at death. Then, the trophy is presented to the victor, by God. The crowd observing the race is comprised of everyone encountered during their lifetime. Just like the Iron-Man races, the supporters are there to cheer at the finish line. This book is designed to encourage runners to fight discouragement and struggles during various life storms; to continue their trust in God; to complete their race.

• This book is ideal for encouraging personal growth in Bible studies.

• This book can aid in strengthening individuals in their personal relationship with Christ.

• This book can help Christ’s followers better deal with personal tragedy, PTSD, fear, anxiety, depression, and substance abuse. And, to better understand how Satan uses distractions and diversions in his attempts to remove us from our race for God.

--Brian Webster