Stepping Out New Beginnings

This story is about Jeffery Bloom, a self-made multimillionaire. He steps out of his everyday life of drug making and distributing (He was a pharmacist in the USA), buying a castle in the English countryside. The castle was purchased sight unseen by Mr. Bloom's agent. Jeffery finds himself at the front door at ten at night, knocking on a solid, hard, wooden door with his bare knuckles. With dim light presented by the moon, he failed to see the chime's pull cord, which would alert the house of his presence.The limo driver, in the meantime, thinking the place looked spooky, wasted no time after dropping off Mr. Bloom's luggage on the front step. Then without a goodbye, he quickly drives off in the direction of town.Jeffery's reason for buying the estate was to have a place to raise an heir who would inherit his newly acquired wealth. Raising a child in the drug environment he was living in wasn't good for any young kid, he thought, especially one of his own. That was well enough thought out, yet he had no wife or even a girlfriend he could trust or call his own. However, the money pit his agent had purchased for him had many surprises. The roof had holes; the wiring needed upgrading, the heater did not heat sufficiently to heat the house, and on top of that, the place was haunted. It had several resident ghosts. Nevertheless, it had a drunk, Archie Smeith, for a butler and Graceland for a cook; however, I should mention the dizzy redhead for an upstairs maid.He also owns 75 percent of the nearby town and got a distillery in the deal, which his nemesis Christian Kid will blow up. Furthermore, Katy O'Malley, Christian Kid's wife, a sniper, is trying to end his life, for buying the estate in the first place.

--Dr. Wolfgang W. Ausserbauer

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