The Adventures of Paw Paw and Nana

Child heartfelt memories that will take your mind back in time to reminisce about the goodness of life and the love that you shared with very special people dear to you. Paw Paw's place is a fun place to be that is filled with tantalizing music that will warm your soul with mutual love, respect, and collaboration among friends and family. Sunday morning breakfast, the amazing authentic and flavorful best tasting breakfast from an original New Orleans native who shares her expression of love to her family through delicious cooking from the heart. An enjoyable full day with excitement with a loving grandfather who takes his grandchildren fishing and a grandchild making an unexpected big catch. Oh, the joy of waking up early in the morning with Nana taking a brisk walk in the cool breeze of a Saturday morning. Who said doing laundry couldn't be a blast even when tasty treats are involved? Finally, in the evening, the bright city lights lead to an unusual special place where you sit on pillows for dinner with your favorite person in the world, your Paw Paw.

--Sherrita J. Carter

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