Join Liar Zar, the world's greatest anthropologist, in her home dimension as she assists humans who have been pulled through the fabric of time and space. From would-be revolutionaries to eldritch abominations, she's seen and hugged most. Armed with her trusty baseball bat or blaster pistol, she faces fear every day and offers it comforting words.When one day the bridge across the divide is broken and leaves the humans in her world stranded with no way home, she finds that her place in the world is much smaller than she had previously believed. Together with friends and family, she finds herself thrust into an insidious plot that threatens the fragile peace of the world.Thankfully she's not alone.A tale of found family, misadventures, realized love, and daring adventures into the unknown.Warning: a science fiction leaning toward the fantastic and the weird, as well as complicated math.

--Written by Micah Campbell Illustrated by Johnmichael Woodard

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