The Baby, The Boy, The Man

This is a story about my life.

I was told I was born a large child with long black curly hair and a full mustache. Today, as an adult, I can’t grow a full mustache. At four months old, I pulled a pot of boiling water off a table onto myself, burning ¾ of my body. The Dr walked away and stated it wasn’t anything he could do for me. At four years old, I was run over by a car, breaking every bone in my body. Again, the Dr walked away and stated I would not live until morning. At eleven years old, I drowned and was brought back to life.

I have two legal names from 16, Sept 1939. I was “John Hiner” from 17 Oct, 1957. After seeing my birth certificate, I became “J.T. Hiner”.

Growing up, I had eleven siblings. Never wanted to be married or have children. I have married three times and I am a great, great, great father.

The title speaks for itself. So much happened to me during all phases of my life seen in The Baby, the Boy, the Man.

--John J.T. Hiner