The Bark of the Beadle: When You Enter the Kingdom of God Leave Your Attitudes at the Gate

The realm of what is generally called Christianity ranges from the ultraconservative to the ultraliberal. Every denomination has at least one doctrinal difference from the others, but they cannot all be right. There is only one truth. However, we tend to interpret scripture according to our own desires, our own insecurities, our own “attitudes”.

Our attitudes, we all have them and some of them are not that nice, define our relationships with others and with God. This book deals with some of the more common attitudes that tend to keep us divided and distort the meaning of scripture. These attitudes are generally focused around subjects such as obedience, salvation, transformation, biblical validity, the meaning of love, spiritual gifts, etc.

Fundamentally, the Bible is not, and was never intended to be, a book of history or a book of great moral teachings. Although it is also each of these things, the Bible is fundamentally all about Christ. Any interpretation of the Bible must be done within a biblical context and all biblical context must be determined within the scope of the Bible’s purpose.

The great purpose of the “written” word of God, the Bible, is to reveal the “living” Word of God, the Lord Jesus Christ, and his work of redemption for mankind.

--Daniel J. Stevens