The Christmas Star

This delightful holiday tale tells the story of a precious, adorable Little Star, who has always looked through the lens of other people's success, talents, and achievements with envy and covetousness. Even though Little Star is a bit of a Sassy Frassie and speaks her truth, she has the saddest, overwhelming heartbreak of discontentment and the worst annoying heartache of disillusionment. Why? You ask. Because she always wants to be anything and everybody other than herself. However, she learns very quickly through a series of hard lessons tried and applied, that being someone or something other than you is a very difficult thing to do. Indeed! But with the much-needed help and the much-needed love of the Lord God Almighty, she finally finds the true contentment she has always wanted""in the place Little Star never thought was truly possible. And in the meantime and between time, our precious, adorable Little Star watches in amazement how the biblical story of the Savior's birth plays out before her. The nativity scene with the birth of the Son of God helps Little Star to realize the true meaning of Christmas, and why the Child is the real reason for the season. Amen! Hallelujah! Praise Him! The Christmas Star is a wonderful Christmas gift to you, wrapped in a beautiful box of joy, love, and magical transformation! Tied with a lovely colorful ribbon of divine Majesty and sealed with a big kiss of merriment and holiday cheer! Enjoy, Merry Christmas!

--Chandra Felisa Wallace

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