The City Different: The History, Mystery, and the Facade

Bradley Ortiz, born Phillip Anthony Ortiz, was born and raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico. His surname Ortiz has a long history that ties to the meek beginnings of Santa Fe, New Mexico (The City Different). This history shared by his ancestors and enhanced by his education of architecture and history led to this book. While maintaining his love for the home he grew up in, the reality of the true history of Santa Fe, New Mexico, sparked the idea to share the history with others who may be unaware. His married name of Bradley Ortiz is a symbol of the multicultures that make up the history of Santa Fe and has been all but lost in the changes that have taken place. Join in the story and passionate opinion of a native-grown Santa Fean who wants nothing but the best for the hometown he grew up in.

--Bradley Ortiz

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