The Coast Is Not Clear

In a time before technology asserted its domination of society, two high school classmates have decided to make a go of it. A simple life, a pure love, and an unexpected event give the couple more than they ever thought two American teenagers could handle---but they go for it, nonetheless. Certain about their educational goals and content in their faith, Merle and Susan open a pathway to a fulfilling future by sticking together and doing the best they can. On track to college educations, they draw strength and inspiration from each other and from their virtuous upbringing. They share an unconditional devotion and belief God has a purpose for them. Their plans are changed when an uninvited visitor drops into their world and turns it upside down. How this "guest" becomes a significant element in their lives unfolds as the chapters roll by. The reader will want to join their journey and share their dilemma. Light years from Earth in a solar system similar to ours, a planet has begun to suffer atrophy as the sun it relies on for energy, hydrology, and photosynthesis deteriorates at a cataclysmic rate. The planet's natives possess great intelligence and design a global strategy of survival through adaptation and substitution of nutrition sources. Realizing their resources were dwindling faster than their ability to survive, they have no alternative but to explore the universe for a mass migration. Theo Rivelet, a visitor from the dying planet, found his new home on Earth. What better friends to find upon his arrival than Merle and Susan?

--David Johnson

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