The Comparison Trap: How to Break Free, How to Stay Free

She sees one, she wants one, she must have one because, after all, her best friend has one! But she is not alone in her quest for more! No matter the age, at some point, comparison invariably enters the thought life of every individual. But, if left unbridled, what begins as a seemingly innocent comparison can eventually overtake the heart and mind of the unsuspecting and may even lead to ill-advised decisions or worse, devastating consequences.The Comparison Trap: How to Break Free, How to Stay Free exposes the often hidden subtleties and dangers inherent in the comparison trap. In this timeless, compelling work written in layman's terms, Yvonne Copeland, MSW, LCSW, skillfully intersects biblical principles and therapeutic concepts to respond headlong to the deleterious effects of the comparison trap and the negative consequences that can ensue when comparison is left unbridled and runs amok. The author not only targets the overlooked implications of entanglement in the comparison trap, but she correspondingly provides essential strategies to successfully break free and stay free from its insidious stronghold!

--Yvonne Copeland, MSW, LCSW

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