The Daily Fight for Character

Our Daily Fight for Character is about becoming more and more like Jesus. Our conduct displays our true character, regardless of what we may be saying. Character is shown by our veracity (truthfulness), our integrity in what we do, not necessarily what we claim. We have become so entrenched in the world's methods of fighting; they become terribly hard habits to break. Even when we want to do right and be righteous before the Lord, we struggle to "help" Him win the battles He has asked us to simply stand in faith before Him on (Exodus 14:14) comes immediately to mind. The fight for godly character is relentless, daily, and we must be intentional about really picking up our cross and following Jesus to our own crucifixion if necessary.This book looks at both sides of this issue and what God's words have to say about it. It is a journey, and each of us has to take that journey. Jesus promises us, we will succeed as we follow Him.

--David Rhea

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