The Divine Perception: Love is the true identity of humankind

An interpretation of God's love and human identity. Based on "A Course in Miracles" and the "Bible". With great love and joy during His new creation, God included the tree of life in the middle of the Garden of Eden. God’s plan of perfect love was for Adam and Eve to deny the temptation to sin and never to learn about evil. Hence, they would be able to eat from the tree of life and inherit immortality to humankind.In this book, we analyze how human life would have been if sin did not exist and how humans, through their divine perception, can see beyond their human perception. Dressed with their divine perception, they acquire the internal feeling of perfect peace, love, and joy. This is produced when the awareness of God is present in daily living.Also analyzed is how the devil hates the children of God, thus offering them an evil perception, and how he creates personalized sins for each human being. Humans who are deceived want to be gods of their own will. Thus, they deny their love to God, to creation, and to humanity. By denying their love, unknowingly, they deny love to themselves. In this manner, the devil keeps humans in a state of anguish and depression with the goal to destroy them.The devil’s goal is for humans to commit suicide or wish the death of others. When humans decide to ask God for forgiveness of their sins and they reject their sinful will, then they recover their divine perception. As they remember God and accept God as their Creator, their spirits are filled with love. They then realize that the only responsibility of God’s children is to forgive and love.

--Sandra Cuevas De Gracia

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