The Empowerment of The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit, which is the Third Person of the Godhead, will guide you in your daily life. Jesus says that He will send another comforter. The Holy Spirit gives you life. The Holy Spirit is the power of God.

The Holy Spirit is a healer. Without the Holy Spirit, we are weak. We are spiritually dead at the birth of Jesus. It was the Holy Spirit at His ministry. It was the Holy Spirit that guided Him at His death. It was the Holy Spirit that kept Him at His resurrection. It was the Holy Spirit that raised Him from the dead.

It is the same Holy Spirit that keeps the believer in this present world and keeps the church strong in the Lord. When I were to write my thesis, I was prompt to write on the Holy Spirit. I want to say that the Holy Spirit through the power of God is a healer because I have been healed from being in a wheelchair.

--(Rev.) Dr. Astley G. Mitchell