The Empty Church

The Empty Church is a street-level discussion that explores the modern-day Christian Church attendance and why it seems to be dwindling. Mark Bohaichuk walks the reader through logical and clear ways of thinking about Christianity and the decline in church attendance.

Is it a coincidence that as people leave the Christian faith for materialism that our world is slowly being submerged in chaos and an out-of-control politically correct movement? Is the waning of the world’s moral barometer related to the weakening of our faith? The Empty Church begins an informal discussion on why we may be seeing these declines.

The author takes us on an explorative journey to the forces that continue to relentlessly pressure and push people out of the Christian Church. A society of materialism and fast-food-like gratifications lure the gentle sheep of the church out into a world of ravenous wolves.

The Empty Church is a great place to start a dialogue with your friends and fellow believers about the condition and health of our modern society and how it may tie in with the decline in our church attendance.

Has our faith in God been lost in the stampede of atheistic pleasures of our fast and furious society? Can we reclaim the faith and refill the churches with followers of the truth and the life and once again become the change agents that our society so desperately needs?

The Empty Church looks at possible reasons there exists a decline in our faith and looks at the ways we can once again become the salt and the light to the nations.

--Mark E. Bohaichuk