The End of Forever: Hope and Healing for the Hurting

Earthly failures reveal God's faithfulness. No one is able to share this fact with such tender honesty as Phyllis McColister, MS, LMHC, CAP. She has an uncanny way to use her own experience of failed marriages to allow the faithfulness of God to be exchanged for your broken dreams.Her life message is evident in the way she permits the transcendent love of God to point out her worth and value to His kingdom, even after divorce.The End of Forever is written with such radical honesty and emotional vulnerability that are lacking in today's Christian culture. She helps you to navigate the threat of the guilt and shame of Christian divorces by linking you arm in arm with the Father of all comfort and compassion who has healing and growth stored up for you as He turns your misery into ministry.Phyllis McColister brings a magnificent combination of spiritual and therapeutic principles, skills, and expertise as a licensed mental health therapist. She is the founder of Healing Waters Counseling. Her vast experience in helping many families and couples traverse the practical application of Scripture throughout the aftermath of a "Christian" divorce provides her a front-row seat on your journey toward healing.The End of Forever will provide you with the emotional and spiritual support that has been lacking in your experience. It is a quick read with profound lessons learned and spiritual shifts that will last you a lifetime.

--Phyllis McColister

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