The Five Stressors: The Pursuit to Peace

The Five Stressors: Pursuit to Peace is about understanding where one may be mentally in his or her own life. When you wake up, there are five things we can stress about without the help of anyone else. This would include one’s living situation, money, traveling, work, and even love. These different scenarios are things we have to worry about on the day-to-day basis. Anything else you allow to stress you can cause an overload, leading to bad decisions. If you can wake up and count down using your fingers, eliminating the five stressors, you are then that much closer to the goal of having peace. This, of course, is a continuing practice and, with practice, makes anybody stronger. When you feel like life is beating you up, pray to the Higher Power, for the one you praise and read this book to guide you through the disrupted emotion.

--Donell A. Blackman II

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