The Ghost at Abernathy Hill House

Abernathy Hill House sat on a hill only about a half-mile across the railroad tracks in Jacksonville, Alabama. It had a long history and had the reputation of being haunted. Through the generations, very few of the family members would live in it, and tenants who rented the place didn’t stay long. As it passed from generation to generation, it continued to deteriorate.Family and tenants reported hearing the voice of a girl, and she made messes, tormented the men of the house, and at night, they could hear sounds like crying and screaming. What happened that the ghost of a young girl keeps crying out for help? Why did she torment men and tried to get the attention of women?Janelle Miller Boyd and her children inherited the old Abernathy Hill House from her grandfather. The house had been in her family since it was first built in 1848, but it needed a lot of work to make it livable. She goes through the painful renovation process, but during the construction, she discovers things about the house that had been hidden for over a hundred years. Her discovery put her in danger, but her determination to find the truth about her family helped her overcome the adversity she faced. Through her faith and trust in the Lord, she knew she could make a happy home for herself and her children in Jacksonville. She found a new career, and she rekindled friendships from her childhood and a relationship with the man she had been in love with as a teenager. With her trust and dependence on the Lord to protect and guide her, she found happiness and peace.

--Janice Thayer