The Good Life: Abounding In All Good Things

Learn how to live the good life.

The good life can be defined as a life of peace, where nothing is missing and nothing is broken. It can be attained only through an intimate relationship with God through prayer.

Jesus taught His disciples how to pray. This prayer, known as the Lord's Prayer, is a model prayer on how we should pray as well as live our lives.

In the Lord's Prayer, Jesus gives us seven key points on how to obtain the good life. Through these seven key points, we learn that God loves us as a good father should love his children. We also learn that when we recognize Him as our Father and give Him the respect that is due to Him, we are invited to live in His kingdom as His beloved children. Our lives here on earth will be lived as though we are living with Him in heaven.

Our heavenly Father wants to save our lives and make our days most enjoyable, productive, and complete. He wants to help us make informed decisions in every area of our lives. He longs to provide for our every need (physical, emotional, and spiritual) as well as fulfill all our desires.

The prerequisite for living the good life is found in Matthew 6:33: "But put God's kingdom first. Do what he wants you to do. Then all of those things will also be given to you" (NIRV).

In the kingdom, God's greatest desire is that we, His children, show the world His love through showing them His Son, Jesus Christ, as their Lord and Savior.

When we seek first the kingdom of God and recognize the importance of His will being done on earth, there is nothing that God won't do on our behalf. He will provide for us in ways we cannot even imagine.

--Sandra Powell Sutton