The Heart of the Mother

This is my personal life story and journey of survival as a single mother and caretaker of a son diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. The decisions I was forced to make while I was a young mother were heart-wrenching and would affect my family's future forever. I started praying and asking for help to be emotionally strong, for knowledge and understanding to cope with the heart-wrenching times I was about to experience. From New Hampshire to nine European countries, I witnessed supernatural events and miracles from God and the Blessed Mother while praying at the Marian shrines. I found the human connection that led me to God. When we accept our cross, we don't need a miracle because we are doing the will of God. This ten-year pilgrimage was miraculous and life-changing. This is my journey of faith that led me down an unexpected path. How do we live and love when we know everything must end. No more secrets, heart-wrenching and funny! We will know that the light that guided our way was The Heart of The Mother.

--Doreen LaFlamme

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