The Journey of a Clueless Christian: A Memoir

Have you ever been on a journey? Journeys can be fun like going on an awesome trip. We all enjoy this type of journey. But journeys can also find you walking through some hard times and finding yourself worn out. There are twists and turns and unexpected situations as you continue your journey of seeking purpose and guidance from the One who created us.

My journey has seen some amazing things as I sought God to walk with me. There were some painful and difficult situations to walk through also, but I was never alone. God was walking with me through so many ups and downs.

In this book, you will get a peek into a real family with real issues at times. Through the years, God has worked in our hearts and lives, and for that I am very thankful. Our journey is still continuing, but for now I hope you enjoy and are encouraged by the stories from a clueless Christian.

--Deborah Conroy

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