The Lifeguard and the Girl Who Could Barely Swim: And How They Stay Happily Married

Many couples are too quick to call it quits in their marriages, causing the divorce rate to be high in today’s society. In her book The Lifeguard and the Girl Who Could Barely Swim, Genevieve Fernandez shares the story of her relationship with her husband, Felix.

Through their experiences with challenges such as an eight-year-age difference, long-distance dating, having their faith tested, separation during Desert Storm, coping with infertility, and much more, Genevieve hopes couples can find hope and inspiration to fight for their marriages, that they would reconsider divorcing over small or inconsequential issues. You will laugh with them and cry with them as Genevieve takes you through the story of an enduring love story that has lasted over thirty years.

Her prayer is that engaged couples would have a plan as they enter marriage and make the Lord the foundation of their relationship so that they can withstand the trials that will inevitably come their way, that married couples contemplating divorce would reconsider and take a stand to fight for their marriages and strive to make their relationship not only last but flourish. She encourages couples to have a biblical foundation to ground them and to better deal with trials when they come. Genevieve shares some of the insight and lessons she and Felix have learned in all their years together to have a healthy, thriving, and sustaining marriage. It may not be a perfect marriage, but it’s good, it’s strong, and it’s beautiful. Her prayer is that more couples find that same kind of victory in their marriages as well.

--Genevieve Fernandez

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