The Little Girl On The Farm

Patricia is a very quiet little girl. She loves talking to her family. Her family members and sisters always like to say something nice and polite to the little girl Patricia. She runs inside the house to tell her mother about a beautiful dog out in her family car. "He just looked at me," the little girl Patricia said to her mother. She then asked her mother about the dog.

"Jesus will never leave you. Jesus will always be there for you," Patricia's mother said to her.Little girl Patricia said to her mother, "He was in the car."

Her mother said, "You were the only one that Jesus wanted to see, not your family. He was letting you know about him and let you see him."

The little girl said, "Thank you, God, for showing me that I was a very special angel to you, Jesus."

She then said to her mother, "Thank you for letting me know the meaning of the beautiful gray dog with a gold cross around his neck inside the family car."

--Patricia A. Mitchell

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