The Lord of Egypt

In a dream, Maria sees her husband, Lord Al-Nasrani, sitting astride his steed, a sword raised in hand. Behind him, the men of his gallant army, the soldiers of Al-Mansura, stand in line, spears at the ready. Before him a great furious enemy host charges toward his line. Suddenly, a flight of arrows from their ranks descends on him. It is civil war, Sayf Al-Din battling his nephews for mastery of the great Ayyubid empire. Leaving children and emirate behind in the hands of his faithful wife, Henri Al-Nasrani, the Christian Amr, journeys into the very heart of war to honor his oath to Sayf Al-Din to determine who shall be the Lord of Egypt. This is the second installment in the Chronicles of Al-Nasrani.

--James Denning

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