The Performance Trap: And How The Gospel Sets Us Free

Have you ever felt like all avenues of your life were about how well you do or do not perform? Have you ever struggled to find peace and significance at work, at home, at school, or on the ball field? Have you ever thought that even God would not be accepting of your life's performance? If so, The Performance Trap was written for you! This book will take you through the life of the author as well as a cultural and gospel-centered view of how we all fall victim to the trap of feeling that we need to perform in order to gain acceptance and approval. The Performance Trap will teach you the dangers of looking to things like careers, athletics, family, peers, and even the church to give you your ultimate significance. The author will walk you through his journey as well as his church experiences in order to clarify how the performance of Jesus for us is where we find our hope!

--Jeremy Mahaffey

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