The Phoenix Journey: The Journey from Salvation to Eternity Eternity with Jesus Jesus Messiah Salvation through Jesus

This book is intended to have a positive and encouraging impact on the reader to understand when we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior, that is just the beginning of our growth and transformation journey to become like Him. It is intended to be an encouragement as we continue our journey in spiritual growth and build our relationship and knowledge of Jesus.This book is intended to touch four different types of readers:Those individuals who are not saved but have an interest in learning about God, Jesus, and salvation.Those individuals who are recent converts and new believers in Christ to help them understand that when they got saved, that was not the end game but the beginning of their spiritual journey to grow and become more like Jesus every day. This book will provide encouragement, tools, and information to assist them in their growth journey.Those individuals who have been Christians for a longer period but their walk with Christ has been stifled or stale due to setbacks in life or any number of life experiences that can impact an individual's walk with our Lord. This book should help them become reinvigorated in their Christian walk and provide encouragement as well as suggestions to help restore the "fire" they once had for serving and living for Jesus.Anyone else who is interested in learning more about God the Father, His Son Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and the Bible.

--Roger W. Parks

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