The Purpose of Obedience

This book was written to encourage the reader who has that specific question: "Why do I have to be obedient?" In our world today, we have battled with this word obedience and have often believed that we are in a most vulnerable position by being obedient. I grew up in the sixties, believe me, I know the talk and walked that walk. I will make my own way, thank you, and I do not need you to tell me different or so I thought; and I was already confused about what the man was saying about who I am to be.

I pray that you have found that this was a lie then, and you also have questions about the why of obedience, and my greatest hope is that you have already begun this search for the answer as to why God says that he wants our obedience. Please read this small basic book that comes from my heart and the love that God has shared with me and accept that the purpose of obedience is the good news, and we are not more vulnerable but more than conquerors in this great journey of obedience. God blesses you.

--Laura May Wehry