The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness is a book about man’s quest for happiness. Throughout history, different categories of people have tried to obtain the answer to this quest. Philosophers, writers, and religious leaders have tried to explain how a man can have happiness.

People on their own have sought happiness in different things and through various ways. They work hard at getting a good college degree, work hard at building up a good career, and work hard at having a family of their own, hoping to achieve happiness in the process. Others make the pursuit of wealth their ultimate goal. After all, they believe that money can buy everything. Some seek fame and fortune, admiring the celebrities whose smiling and happy faces are splashed all over the magazines, the Internet, and on televisions. They live glamorous lives and seem to be happy and to have it all. People want to be like them and live like them. Do they accomplish their goals? Are they truly happy? The book delves into these various attempts.

The book also examines the life of King Solomon and his pursuit of happiness. He was reputed to be the wisest and richest monarch of his era. He tried various means, applied various methods, and did several things, but did he succeed in his quest? What are the things he did? What are his conclusions? What advice does he have for us today? The book makes it all plain.

The book arrives at a conclusion. The final answers. What are these? What are the various ways and means of achieving happiness in our lives? The book tells it all.

--Emmanuel Adewunmi

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