The Quest for New Mercies: Book of Spoken Words

The Quest for New Mercies is a spiritual journey where many of us have begun in our Christian walk. We begin with thinking we know who we are, which phases into a time in our life where we feel lost until we discover that God is the answer to being found. This book of spoken words began the day I moved out of the way and let God tell me who, what, when, where, and how He wanted my life to go on a day-to-day basis. As I spent more and more time with our Father, we developed a close personal relationship where He would give me spoken words that would speak to not only me but more importantly to whom the intended spoken word was for. The initial platform was sharing them with my bishop and pastor, which then blossomed into becoming a weekly reading during our church services to God, placing into my spirit when they were for specific people, such as church members, family, colleagues, and people I would meet during my daily travels. It has become a vehicle in lighting up the darkness to reach people in need of love, hope, peace, joy, forgiveness, humbleness, acceptance, direction, clarity, trust, and patience that our Father so graciously bestows to all who come to Him through daily prayer and reading His Word. Come and join me along this journey and discover as I have that God is the answer to living a life filled with purpose and a plan surpassed by none.

--Lillian Shockley

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